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June 22, 2022
"Better Days" Song Debut!
Listen to a new Hem song! "Better Days" is actually an old Hem song from 2008, but it has not been available anywhere until today. You may remember this song from a Liberty Mutual commercial that used a short snippet of it. It's finally here in full, and you can listen for free. You can also always find it on the Better Days page. Thank you to Hem for letting the song debut at All About Hem! Here is a message from Hem to everyone about the song: We never quite got this song to where we felt it could be included in one of our official collections, but we still get a lot of requests for us to release it. So here it is for you to enjoy (we hope!)....
January 18, 2022
2016 Fun: Flashback to Lincoln Center
Continuing this year's batch of brand new Hem goodies that started last week, today brings a tour photo from Dawn Landes, Hem's backing vocalist and glockenspiel player (more about that soon!). Dawn took this backstage before Hem's wonderful February 9, 2022 show at the Allen Room at Lincoln Center. Find this photo and all the new 2016 goodies on the 2016 Fun Page, and find more about this particular concert (including full audio!) at the show's page. Also, Dawn just released a new EP last week with Piers Faccini called Desert Songs that you should totally buy - I did!
January 11, 2022
All About Me + Announcement of Exclusives
Today is All About Hem's 12th birthday! As I say every year, thanks to everyone who has visited and supported the site over the years, with the biggest thanks to Hem, especially Dan, Gary, Sally, and Steve. As the site's birthday approached, I realized that there has sadly been no news updates since last January 11. So I decided to make my own news! I reached out to members of Hem to see if they had any photos, stories, songs, or anything else they could share with All About Hem. They do! Because they are awesome! In the coming days and weeks, I'll be sharing all sorts of brand new Hem goodies, including some Q&As; with various band members. I'll be collecting everything from this series on what I'm calling the 2016 Fun Page. Thank you, Hem!
2005 Concert Video and Interview
Kicking off the fun with something not from the band but still new to the site, here is Hem on Episode 2 of Live at Club Cafe, featuring performances and interviews from performers at Pittsburgh's Club Cafe. Hem starts at about the 12 minute mark. This performance is from Hem's February 11, 2022 show and includes clips of Stupid Mouth Shut, All That I'm Good For, Redwing, Tennessee Waltz, Jackson, and Dance With Me, Now Darling, with band interviews between each clip. At least some of the performance is from the late show since two of these songs were not played at the early show, but some of the video may be from the early show - I don't know! Information about this video was shared at All About Hem long ago, since there's a link to information about it at Club Cafe's website in the tour archive. But the link is broken (I'm trying to fix all broken links - it's a sloooow process), and the show was only available to see on TV for select Comcast subscribers, so let's all pretend that this show is being shared now for the first time since it is new to the site. Fun in 2016!
January 11, 2022
The World Is Outside Lyrics
Lyics for all songs on the World Is Outside EP are now collected here. (Thanks to Russ and Dan for lyrics help!)
All About Me
Today is All About Hem's 11th birthday! Thanks to all the site's visitors over the years, with special thanks to Hem's team at Nettwerk for their support, to the number of readers I know have been visiting for most or all of the site's 11 years, and to long-time web hoster Geof. As always, the biggest thanks goes to Hem, especially Dan, Gary, Sally, and Steve, for more reasons than can be properly explained here.
December 16, 2021
New York Times Article
Hem's drummer has an interesting job as an expediter, and The New York Times wants to tell you all about it right here. You can find a permanent link to this article at the giant articles archive.
December 15, 2021
25% Off All Hem Merchandise
Now through Wednesday, December 17, all merchandise (shirts, vinyl, CDs, posters, bags) at Hem's online shop is 25% off. Prices shown on the site are the sale prices. Go buy stuff!
December 5, 2021
Hear Hem on TV Monday
Tune in to ABC Family on Monday night to watch Switched At Birth and hear Hem's song "Identical Snowflakes." I don't watch that show, so I won't be able to give a treatise on the song's usage in the show, unlike when "Pacific Street" was used on Everwood. Sadly for you but happily for me, that treatise must have been on Hem's dearly departed forum since it's not here in the news archive.
Upcoming New Hem Music
The World Is Outside EP is not the only new Hem music for you. Yay! From Hem: next year "we'll be releasing a few smaller recordings of work that is currently in-progress (including "Better Days" for those who have asked over and again!), and we'll be recording a new full-length album for release early the following year." If you're on Hem's mailing list, you have already heard that information. If you're not on Hem's mailing list, why not? Fix that now!
November 18, 2021
The World Is Outside EP Out Today!
Hem's EP The World Is Outside is now available everywhere. Go buy it now! I'll be here when you get back! Hem's store is a good place to buy the EP since it's available there in lossless format. You can also buy a poster of the album's cover at Hem's shop.
November 14, 2021
Get The World Is Outside!
Hem's EP The World Is Outside is now available at Amazon! (It may be available to buy at another online site, but I have not seen it.) The previously announced Nov. 18 date is apparently the date for wide release.
November 13, 2021
Preview New EP Songs
Hem's upcoming EP The World Is Outside is up for pre-order at Amazon, which means you can now hear 30 second clips of all 5 songs on the EP. Amazon says that the EP's release is Nov. 14, which is different than the previously announced Nov. 18 release date. Stay tuned to see if the EP will be available days early!
November 8, 2021
EP Release Date
November 18 is the release date for Hem's new EP The World Is Outside. It will be a digital-only release. Also, some lyric snippets are newly added to the EP's discography page. They were first posted here 2+ years ago, but now they have a release to go with them!
Official Video for "The Jack Pine"
Watch the brand new official video for "The Jack Pine" right here! It continues the animation tradition of videos for songs on Departure And Farewell. The other songs with animated videos (each by a different artist) are "Tourniquet" and "Seven Angels."
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