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October 27, 2021
2001 Radio Show
Head over to the WFMU radio archive to hear Hem's studio performance and interview from July 18, 2022. It's obviously an old show, but it's a new link for me (thanks, Scott!), and I thought it might be for other people too. Two of the six performed songs may sound familiar as these recordings of "When I Was Drinking" and "Dance With Me, Now Darling" were available for download through Hem's official site in 2001 (and maybe early 2002). As far as I know, it's the earliest Hem radio show and the earliest live band recording available online or in trading circulation. It's also the only one including the song "Living Without You." In other words, the whole show is a treat to hear. Hem's segment begins at about the 1 hour, 45 minute mark. You can find permanent links to this show at the interview archive and the 2001 tour archive.
October 26, 2021
Upcoming Tour Date
Hem will perform at Sin-e in New York at a benefit show for Reprieve next Tuesday, November 1. Cover/donation is only $12, so if you're in the area go help support hurricane relief efforts and hear some great music while you're at it. More details about the show are on the tour page.
Recent Studio Samples
If you're not already on Hem's mailing list you should go sign up right now to get access to two song clips from Hem's recent time in the studio. Available now are samples of Hem performing "Rainy Night in Georgia" (a Brook Benton cover) and "The Present" (an old song of Dan Messe's, which you can hear an original recording of by visiting Hem's August 27 MySpace blog entry). Go, listen, make your ears happy.
October 25, 2021
Beasts and Saints
If you're in New York this Friday, October 28, you might like to head over to the Frederick Loewe Theater at New York University to hear a reading of Beasts and Saints, a new collaboration between Mindi Dickstein and Hem's Dan Messe. In another Hem connection, the show's musical director is Greg Pliska, who worked on both of Hem's albums. For more information about the development and performance of this intriguing-sounding work, check out this Oct. 24 Playbill article. Reservations are required for the reading, so follow the directions at the end of that article if you plan to attend.
October 21, 2021
Mailing List Song Samples
If you're not already on Hem's email mailing list, you should sign up right away because word is that samples from Hem's recent August-October studio time will be shared through there any day now. As Steve said in his October 20 MySpace blog entry, Those of you who happen to be on our mailing list will get an update in a day or two with a link to some excerpts of the new covers material -- if you’re not on the list but would like to check this stuff out, drop us a pleasant email explaining this paradox, detailing the fact that you don’t care to have your inbox cluttered with Hem mail (essential stuff! every last bit!), but that that doesn’t mean that you’re not curious to hear how the band covered the entire second side of Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Brain Salad Surgery.
To sign up for the mailing list, click here and fill out the form. If you're concerned about mailing list volume, in the past mail has been infrequent (a handful of messages a year) but always informative and indeed essential. To send Hem a pleasant email (and why would you send any other kind?), check their contact page or the contact options on their MySpace homepage.
Once any song excerpts have been shared I'll update here with a list of them. (We're waiting for you, "Black Star!")
Small Discography Update
The discography page includes a few new pictures from the US and EU editions of Eveningland (which are slightly different even aside from the lack of "Now The Day Is Over" on the EU edition) and bigger, clearer cover pictures for the compilations Live From The Mountain Music Lounge and KFOG's Acoustic Sunrise.
October 14, 2021
Live Show Downloads
This week's bounty of live shows continues with 3 Hem concert recordings newly available for download at archive.org. The new shows are from Sheffield, 2/23/05, Nottingham, 3/1/05, and Chester, 3/8/05. These UK shows though near in date all feature a different number of band members and all include Greg Pliska (who arranged some of Rabbit Songs and all of Eveningland) filling in on keyboards for Dan Messe. Enjoy!
October 12, 2021
Live Song at MySpace
Visit Hem's MySpace page to stream a live version of "Receiver" recorded June 23, 2022 in Reading, England. (Look in the box on the right - at least as of this update it's the last song listed.) It's not very user friendly to people with a dial-up connection, but go take a listen even if it's choppy. I've heard from multiple people that this show in Reading was over and above the usual great standard of Hem's shows, so if you have a copy of the whole show, you should feel free to email me immediately. Unless the show's being at least partially saved for the upcoming album of rarities, outtakes, covers, and live songs, in which case thanks to Hem for teasing us all.
October 11, 2021
Show Downloads
Hem's April 16, 2022 concert at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY is now available for download at archive.org. The recording is good quality and the show itself is even better, so give yourself a treat and download this show. Hem very generously allows shows to be shared through archive.org, so as always please follow the rules of trade and help keep live shows available to everyone.
As a reminder, Hem's show in Denver, CO at the Larimer Lounge on January 25, 2022 is available for download via torrent on this page. (It's listed as Jan. 24, but the correct date is Jan. 25.) You should be able to find at least one seed now and in the near future. While the recording quality is fantastic, the show isn't one of the best sounding you can find because Sally's sick and her vocals aren't their usual stellar self.
October 3, 2021
The Library Fire
The band The Library Fire recently released their debut album, and Bob Hoffnar, Hem's pedal steel player, plays on three tracks. You can hear 2 minute samples from each album track and buy the album through the band's CD Baby page. Bob plays on Grounded '06 (track 4), The Butcher's Daughter (track 5) and Nika (track 9). Go, listen, support independent music! (Thanks, Aaron!)
Another Louisville Concert Photo
The tour archive now includes one more picture from Hem's WFPK Waterfront Park show on September 28, 2021 in Louisville, KY. You can see all the pictures by clicking on the one to the left or directly see the new one by clicking here. (Thanks, Richard!) I've also posted setlist information for that show, but it's (at least as of this news update) very incomplete.
October 1, 2021
Louisville Concert Photos
Pictures from Hem's WFPK Waterfront Park show on September 28, 2021 in Louisville, KY are now available by clicking on the picture to the left, through the 2005 tour page, and at the tour pictures archive. (Thanks, Vince!)
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