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November 30, 2021
Hem's Merry Little Christmas
There are at least a couple places online where you can hear Hem's contribution of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" to the compilation CD mentioned in yesterday's news update. Both Rhapsody and eMusic have the song available. To hear a 30 second sample of the piano and glockenspiel packed song, visit eMusic's album page. You can sign up for a free trial of either Rhapsody or eMusic to listen to and/or download the full song. Although you still should buy the whole album because it's a great collection. (Thanks for the help, Paul!)
November 29, 2021
No Word From Tom
The release date of No Word From Tom, Hem's upcoming album of covers, b-sides, outtakes, and live songs is set for February 7, 2006. That's a mere two months away!
New Compilation CDs
The discography page includes a new 2005 compilation CD. On A Winter's Night: The Best Of Nettwerk Christmas Albums, Hem performs "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." I haven't found the CD on sale anywhere yet despite its listed release date of 11/22/05 (don't confuse it with the 2004 CD release of the same name and same artwork but different songs), but you can find the entire tracklist here.
Finally, in the day's vaguest discography news, the compilations section of the discography page now includes a listing for a promotional compilation CD called Reel To Reel: Rock N Roll Vol. 28. Hem's "Carry Me Home" is on the CD, but that's all the information I have at this time.
November 26, 2021
No Word From Tom
The discography page now includes an entry for No Word From Tom, Hem's upcoming album of covers, b-sides, outtakes, and live songs. Not much is known about the album at this time, but its release date is possibly as early as February 7, 2022 (two days before Hem's show at Lincoln Center in New York where they'll be joined by a small chamber orchestra in a live show first), and there have been some songs mentioned as possible album tracks. As more information becomes known, I'll further update its discography entry.
Another Discography Update
The discography page also now includes the compilation Three Decades, Three Discs, a 3 CD set from radio station WYEP in Pittsburgh, PA. Disc 1 includes a live performance of "All That I'm Good For" by Hem. You can order the CD online or by phone from WYEP by visiting this page.
Hem on Everwood
Based on the number of recent visitors to this site I know a lot of people heard Hem's "Pacific Street" on Everwood on November 17. It played over the montage starting at the prom near the end of the episode. You can find "Pacific Street" on the album Eveningland and a version of it live at BBC Scotland on the EP Birds, Beasts and Flowers. Lyrics are here.
November 17, 2021
Hear Hem on TV Tonight
Just a reminder to tune in to Everwood at 9pm (EST) tonight on The WB to hear Hem's "Pacific Street" at some point during the show. You can find the station in your area here. FYI, last week's episode played "Redwing" in a scene a couple minutes before the first commercial break, when Amy and Bright were talking to Hannah in her room.
November 12, 2021
New Album Title
The album of covers, b-sides, outtakes, and live songs that Hem's been in the studio working on since August now has a name: No Word From Tom. Visit Hem's MySpace blog entry today for more info on the album coming together. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but "No Word From Tom" is the name of a song in Igor Stravinsky's opera The Rake's Progress. Might we soon hear an operatic aria Hem style? Stay tuned!
November 9, 2021
Hear Hem on TV Tomorrow and Next Week
Tune in to the TV show Everwood at 9pm (EST) on The WB tomorrow, November 10, and next Thursday, November 17 to hear a couple Hem songs fuel the dramatic action. You can find the station in your area here. The first episode will include the song "Redwing" (because it's obviously a good universal soundtrack song) and the second will have "Pacific Street." It's sure to be good! Unless they use Hem's music to help break up Bright and Hannah because those two are so cute that even Hem accompaniment won't make their split okay. (Oh be quiet, Everwood is adorably goofy and fun to watch.)
November 1, 2021
2003 Radio Show
I randomly and unexpectedly ran across a new-to-me Hem radio performance and interview from January 4, 2022 in Louisville, KY on the WFPL program On Second Thought. I'm sharing the old show news because maybe this 2003 appearance will be new to other people too. You can hear it free online by visiting this page (the same show reaired March 22, 2022). A CD or cassette copy is available for purchase here at WFPL's site. On the half hour show Hem performs 3 songs live and gives one of the most interesting and informative interviews about the development and making of Rabbit Songs that I've ever heard. The interview archive includes a permanent link to this show.
The Neverending Life of Rabbit Songs
The discography page includes yet another edition of Rabbit Songs, this time a 2004 CD from Taiwan. The music is the same as on other editions, but the album artwork is slightly different inside and out. (Thanks for the assist here, Kel!)
Lyrics Update
Since two new songs are part of Hem lore given that the band shared two recently recorded song samples through their mailing list, I added lyrics for "Rainy Night In Georgia" and "The Present" to the lyrics page in the miscellaneous lyrics section. The songs will likely turn up on an upcoming Hem album and end up in their own lyrics section, and the lyrics may slightly differ from previously recorded versions used on the lyrics page, but surely it's never to early to start rounding out the Hem song catalog.
Twisted Folk Q&A;
Due to some sort of inexplicable, gross oversight on my part, Hem's Q&A; from last March on the heels of their part in a Twisted Folk tour never made it from the news page to the interview archive. But it's there now in case anybody's been madly wondering where to find it.
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