This page lists (in reverse chronological order) articles and radio shows available free online that contain any sort of interview with one or more members of Hem. To help distinguish the interviews I've included brief summaries of each one's contents as well as setlists for the radio shows. Enjoy!

Raised on his mother’s show tunes, a composer takes a shot at Broadway, May 12 - There are a lot of articles about Dan Messé's work on "Amélie," but in this one he particularly talks about Hem

Renovating? Don’t Forget the Expediter, December 12 - Hem's drummer has an interesting job as an expediter, and The New York Times will tell you all about it

Bob Harris Sunday on BBC Radio 2, November 3 - Multiple band members talk about making Departure and Farewell, about some of the album's songs, and about the band's current song favorites (more here), and Hem performs "Walking Past The Graveyard, Not Breathing," "Tourniquet," and "Departure And Farewell"

Ralph McLean - Country, BBC Radio Ulster, October 18 - Sally Ellyson and Dan Messe talk at length about the Hem family, making Departure And Farewell, and inspirations for many the album's songs

Robert Elms, BBC London, October 11 - Hem visits the BBC London studio for an interview and performance of "Tourniquet"

NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts, September 28 - Hem as an 8-piece group crowds around NPR's tiny desk for performances of "Walking Past The Graveyard, Not Breathing," "Tourniquet," and "Seven Angels"

Independent's Day Radio, September 18 - Many members of Hem talk about the band's music, history, and style, as well as the making of Departure and Farewell, and they all play 6 songs live in this hour-long radio show

Hem's Dan Messé Commissioned to Adapt Amélie for Broadway, Paste Magazine, August 20 - Dan talks about Amélie and about how its music and Hem's music fit together

The Bob Edwards Show, XM Satellite Radio, July 15 - Sally Ellyson, Dan Messe, Steve Curtis, and Gary Maurer talk about tons of issues surrounding Departure and Farewell, and the band as an 8-piece group plays songs live ("Departure And Farewell," "Tourniquet," "Walking Past The Graveyard, Not Breathing," "The Jack Pine," and "So Long")

Studio 360, WNYC, New York, NY, June 28 - Sally Ellyson and Dan Messe talk about Departure and Farewell, the long hiatus between albums, and the band performs "Tourniquet," "Walking Past The Graveyard, Not Breathing" (video here) and "So Long" live in studio

Hem: A new ‘Departure’ for neo-traditionalist folk rockers, The Washington Times, June 13 - Dan Messe talks about Departure And Farewell, future Hem albums, and how Hem speaks of and to the past

Echoes #2, Chester Springs, PA , May 27 - Hem plays 6 songs live in studio and talks about each song and their latest album inbetween (Photos of Hem at the studio here and here)

The Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC, New York, NY, May 2 - Sally Ellyson and Dan Messe talk about Departure and Farewell, and the band of six perform the songs "Tourniquet" and "So Long" live in the station's studio

Echoes #1, Chester Springs, PA , April 30 (May 2 iTunes podcast) - Dan, Gary, Sally, and Steve all talk, as accurately described by this syndicated national public radio show, "about drugs, love, divorce, redemption and Hee Haw"

Q&A: Dan Messe of Hem, Illinois Entertainer, April 19 - A lengthy, interesting back and forth interview with Dan about the love of Hem and the making of Departure And Farewell

A chat with Hem’s Dan Messé and Sally Ellyson: Goodbye hello, Examiner.com, April 18 - Dan and Sally talk a lot, a lot about Departure And Farewell

Hem nearly waves goodbye before saying hello with another transcendent album, Stereo Subversion, April 5 - As this nice long interview is introduced in the article, Dan Messe and Gary Maurer are "upfront and candid at explaining the time between Hem records, how the band almost didn’t make it, and why they’re eager to make a new record."

Video: Hem’s “Seven Angels”, The New Yorker, April 1 - Dan Messé talks about the sound of Hem, making Rabbit Songs, and some songs on Departure and Farewell.

Hem Release “Departure and Farewell” April 2nd, February 28 - Some words from Gary Maurer for your reading enjoyment. (Gary is a co-founder of Saltlands.) He talks a lot about the upcoming album Departure and Farewell, including a number of technical details about the recording process that you can count on a studio like Saltlands to ask about.

Interview with Hem + 2 Brand New Songs and ‘Funnel Cloud’ Album, February 19 - As described by the article's author: "I recently talked with Hem’s founder and defacto ringleader Dan Messé to get a little more info on Departure and Farewell, as well as discuss his thoughts on Funnel Cloud and their penchant for picking fantastic cover songs."

Departure And Farewell Band Bio, January 29 - Steve Curtis, Sally Ellyson, Gary Maurer, and Dan Messe all have interesting, eloquent words to say about the content and making of their newest album Departure And Farewell

NPR All Songs Considered, January 29 - A few words from Dan Messe about the new video for the song "Tourniquet" and the upcoming album Departure And Farewell

Departure And Farewell Release Date Press Release, January 29 - Dan Messe and Sally Ellyson talk about some of the new album's themes

Twisted South Radio, June 29 - 2 hour interview with the producer and various artists on Paint It Black: An Alt-Country Tribute To The Rolling Stones (interview with Hem's Dan Messe starts at about 1 hour, 34 minutes)

WNYC: The Leonard Lopate Show, New York, NY, December 22 - Dan and Steve chat for a nice long while about "Twelfth Night" (click here to see a photo of them at the studio)

Hem Score 'Twelfth Night' For Fifth Album, September 9 - Dan Messe (not Meese!) discusses the "Twelfth Night" album - that song from "The Tempest" is "Full Fathom Five"

Twelfth Night Q&A, August 24 - Although it's called a "Q&A with Dan Messe," Steve Curtis chimes in too with lots of fantastic details about Hem's "Twelfth Night" album and the band's next new album, "Departure and Farewell"

Music From Twelfth Night, Broadway World, August 24 - Dan talks about making Hem's "Twelfth Night" album

Band of the Bard, New York Post, July 2 - Steve talks about being in the Shakespeare in the Park production of "Twelfth Night," and he and Dan discuss Hem's music that was written for the show

Sound Insurance: Hem Makes Sweet Music With Liberty Mutual, Billboard, March 1 - Dan talks about writing new songs and Hem's music in Liberty Mutual insurance commercials

The Brooklyn Fridge: In The Kitchen With A Countrypolitan Band, Edible Brooklyn, Winter - Sally, with some small assists from Steve and Gary, talk about food, touring, and home in Brooklyn [Article no longer available]

Orchestral Maneuvers, Boston Phoenix, June 29 - Brief words from Sally in this review of the first of Hem's two shows with the large Boston Pops orchestra

Hem won't come undone during EdgeFest show, Boston Herald, June 20 - Dan and Sally discuss Hem's two upcoming performances with the 90-piece Boston Pops orchestra [Article no longer available]

MPR: Minnesota Public Radio, How's The Family?, May 18 - Sally talks about motherhood and being in a band

Revolutionary Radio, Williamsburg Public Radio WRRW, April 21 - An hour with Hem as they perform 5 songs and Dan, Gary, Mark, and Steve discuss various of their albums and songs

Band brings new edge, sound and definition to "countrypolitan," Daily Press, Hampton Roads, VA, April 13 - A collection of culled quotes from the band as well as a mention of this website, which of course makes this article an All About Hem favorite

A look at 7 year-old-quartet and its dreamy music, HamptonRoads.com, April 12 - Sally talks about motherhood and upcoming band projects

Hem's Hunger, Port Folio Weekly, April 10 - In this nice long article, Dan Messe and Sally Ellyson talk about everything from forming the band to making each album to Mary Poppins [Article no longer available]

Paste Culture Club, January 30 - Two songs and an interview from Hem's 10/26/06 show at a Paste Magazine party where Dan Messe and Sally Ellyson discuss making Funnel Cloud and future paths for the band

Song: The World's Best Songwriters on Creating the Music That Moves Us, January - One chapter in this book is Dan talking about his approach to songwriting and about making Eveningland

The Bob Edwards Show, XM Satellite Radio, November 27 - A detailed, half-hour-long interview with Sally Ellyson and Dan Messe where they extensively discuss Funnel Cloud

Hem spins tale in "funnel cloud," Country Standard Time, November - Dan Messe speaks at good length about songwriting and making each of Hem's albums, emphasizing the most recent Funnel Cloud

Press Pass: Hem, Falls Church News-Press, Falls Church, VA, October 19 - Sally Ellyson talks about the magic of joining and being in Hem

Weathering change, NOW Magazine, Toronto, October 12-18 - Sally Ellyson takes a break mid-tour to discuss funnel cloud imagery and the trials and triumphs of touring with a 10-piece orchestra

Serendipity brought a band its perfect voice, Toronto Star, October 12 - Dan Messe talks about showcasing Sally's voice and about making Funnel Cloud

New Yorkers experiment with folk, classic and rock, Nashville City Paper, October 6 - Dan Messe talks about Hem's expansive sound and about making Funnel Cloud

Funnel Fate, Glide Magazine, October 1 - A great long article that's almost entirely Dan Messe talking about Funnel Cloud, writing for Sally's voice, and performing live

Interview: Hem, Cokemachineglow.com, October - Dan Messe talks about writing songs, forming the band, sharing mp3s (um, when the links aren't broken like they mostly are right now), and the eight lives of Rabbit Songs (more info about that on the discography page)

MPR: The Current, St. Paul, MN, September 27 - The big 10-piece band plays 3 songs and talks about Funnel Cloud and playing with an orchestra

Brooklyn Lullaby, New York Daily News, September 22 - In an article that begins about the band's roots in Brooklyn, Dan Messe talks about the band's ambition, Sally's perfect voice, and song themes

Inside The Rockers Studio: Hem, Stereogum, September 22 - Ten questions with Sally Ellyson

WNYC Soundcheck, New York, NY, September 21 - In a radio show about music in advertising, Dan Messe talks about the use of "Half Acre" in television commercials for Liberty Mutual insurance

MVY: Martha's Vineyard Radio, Nashville, TN, September 20 - During a stop at the Americana Music Conference, the band plays 2 songs and talks about Funnel Cloud, Sally's resemblance to a monkey, and lullabies

The Drop Online, Spotlight, September 14 - Gary Maurer talks about the making of Funnel Cloud, the evolution of some of its songs, and the awesomeness of this website (which thereby qualifies this interview as an All About Hem favorite)

Hem: Funnel Cloud, Jive Magazine, August 20 - Drawing largely from Funnel Cloud's press release, Steve Curtis, Sally Ellyson, Gary Maurer, and Dan Messe all discuss their latest album

Funnel Cloud Studio Podcasts, August - In a series of 3 very interesting audio interviews made just for you (really), Steve Curtis, Gary Maurer, and Dan Messe talk about inspirations for much of Funnel Cloud as well as share some unreleased demo songs

Hem Transcends Adversity on 'Funnel Cloud', Billboard, July 18 - Dan Messe and Sally Ellyson talk about inspirations good and bad behind the album Funnel Cloud

Funnel Cloud press release, July - Steve Curtis, Sally Ellyson, Gary Maurer, and Dan Messe all have interesting, eloquent words to say about the content and making of their newest album

Paste's 100 Best Living Songwriters, Paste Magazine, June/July - Dan Messe writes about Jimmy Webb, #60 on the top 100 songwriters list

No Stopping Hem, The Daily Bruin, May 15 - Dan Messe talks about the sound of the band and why they (and he) make music

The Drop Online, Episode 4, May (recorded Feb.) - Steve Curtis, Sally Ellyson, Gary Maurer, and Dan Messe, all in a very jolly mood, talk a lot about No Word From Tom, Funnel Cloud, and the band's sound

WNYC Soundcheck, New York, NY, May 1 - The band plays 2 songs, and Dan Messe and Sally Ellyson talk about topics including the band's influences, their lovely Lincoln Center show, and the even lovelier albums No Word From Tom and Funnel Cloud

Brooklyn's Hem Casts A Spell, Paste Magazine, March/April - Dan Messe talks about making the album No Word From Tom

WTMD Interview, Towson, MD, March 20 - Steve Curtis, Sally Ellyson, Gary Maurer, and Dan Messe perform 2 songs, talk about how the band formed (even beyond Sally's homemade tape), writing songs that make people cry, and their next album Funnel Cloud [Broadcast no longer available]

Lullabies For Brooklyn, New York Magazine, March 13 - Dan Messe and Sally Ellyson talk about Hem's sound and the lullabies that helped form the band

Words and Music from Studio A, WFUV, February 22 (taped 2/8) - A 30 minute interview and performance of 4 songs by 8 members of the band in an expanded version of the Take Five session below

Take Five, WFUV, February 22 (taped 2/8) - Eight members of the band are live in studio for a short 5 minute interview about No Word From Tom and a few performance excerpts

20 Questions With Sally Ellyson, Richmond.com, February 6 - Just what the title says plus 20 often funny and sweet answers

On track with Hem, Berkshire Eagle, August 5 - A preview of a (then upcoming) concert plus some words from Dan Messe about his songs and the fate of finding singer Sally Ellyson [Article no longer available]

KTBG The Bridge, Kansas City, MO, August 3 - Thirty-five minute interview and 3 in-studio songs from Steve Curtis, Sally Ellyson, Gary Maurer, and Dan Messe

Band on the Run, Voice, Carleton College's Alumni Magazine, Summer - A day in the touring life of Hem with lots of comments from grads Steve Curtis and Dan Messe

What They Play, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, July - An excerpt from the print article about the instruments played by Steve Curtis, Bob Hoffnar, and Gary Maurer

Hem blends vocals, orchestra for unique sound, Morning Sentinel, Portland, ME, June 24 - Sally Ellyson and Dan Messe talk about the sound of Hem's albums and how the band translates that sound live

All About Hem Interview, May 6 - Steve Curtis, Sally Ellyson, Gary Maurer, and Dan Messe talk about a wide variety of subjects in the best interview ever (in my completely biased opinion)

WNYC Soundcheck, New York Public Radio, April 14 - Sally Ellyson and Dan Messe chat about Brooklyn, forming Hem, and countrypolitan music, and the band performs 2 songs

Twisted Q&A, March - Pretty silly question and answer interview with Hem around the time of their Twisted Folk UK tour [Article no longer available]

A-Hem, Event Guide (Dublin), February 23 - March 8 - All interesting interview with Sally Ellyson, all the time

Early start to folk feast , icNewcastle, February 22 - Brief comments from Dan Messe on making Eveningland

Taking up the Hem, Manchester Online, February 17 - Short article including some words from Dan Messe about influences

The Bob Edwards Show, XM Satellite Radio, February 10 - A detailed, hour-long interview with Sally Ellyson and Dan Messe

Coming Together, The Daily Aztec at San Diego State University, February 3 - Interview with Dan Messe, including talk of Hem's countrypolitan label

Hem's Messé uses 'music as a shield', San Diego Union-Tribune, February 3 - The always cool Dan Messe talks about touring and Eveningland

Hem puts modern spin on countrypolitan, Arizona Daily Star, February 3 - Includes words from Dan Messe about Eveningland

Genre Mash-Up, Riverfronttimes.com, February 2 - Discusses Hem's sound and the trouble with classifying it

Reviving the Lullaby: Under the Blanket With Hem, Playback St. Louis, February - A fab long article including interviews with Dan Messe and Sally Ellyson

KEXP Session, Seattle, WA, January 28 - Sally Ellyson and Dan Messe talk about how the band members found each other, the sound of Rabbit Songs v. Eveningland, and working with the Slovak National Radio Orchestra, and the group plays 4 in-studio songs

Floating And Flying, Hem: An Adult Fairy Tale, Eugene Weekly, January 27 - Includes some words from Dan Messe about Rabbit Songs, though the article is mostly about Eveningland and the true fairy tale of how the band formed

Sincere, sad music in a sweet lullaby, Denver Post - January 21 - About countrypolitan music, including some comments by Dan Messe [Article no longer available]

Hem's latest tour brings Michigan native back home, Oakland Press, January 15 - Dan Messe talks about playing in his home state

Us and Hem, CityBeat, Cincinnati, OH, January 12 - Dan Messe talks, among other things, about the band's record label issues and about writing songs for Sally Ellyson's voice [Article no longer available]

Hem will play PHT with Louisvillian Landes in tow, Louisville Eccentric Observer, January 11 - Dawn Landes talks about touring with Hem and her involvement with Eveningland

The Second Coming of Countrypolitan, The New York Times, January 2 - Hem is interviewed in an article about the revival of countrypolitan music

Taking Comfort in Beautiful Songs, Paste Magazine, Dec 04/Jan 05 - Terrific long article including band history and various comments from Steve Curtis, Sally Ellyson, Gary Maurer, and Dan Messe

It's Hem again, Country Time Standard, December - Dan Messe talks non-stop about Hem's music

All That Useful Beauty, No Depression Magazine, Nov/Dec - Great long article about the band and all things Eveningland

All Songs Considered, NPR, November 23 - Dan Messe makes his perfect song choice, Glen Campbell's "Wichita Lineman"

Hot for Teachers, Baltimore City Paper, November 17 - Nice, amusing interview with Sally Ellyson and Dan Messe

Folk Sophistication: Eveningland expands on Hem's eclectic sound, Birmingham Weekly, November 11-18 - Dan Messe talks about response to Hem's music, creating Eveningland live and in the studio, and the city of Birmingham, AL [Article no longer available]

Concert previews, The GW Hatchet, Washington, DC, November 11 - Includes a short, amusing comment from Dan Messe about the band's persona

A-Hem!, The Daily Pennsylvanian, November 11 - Dan Messe talks about the band's name and making Eveningland

ASCAP Audio Portrait, November 4 - Four mini interviews with Dan Messe about Eveningland

ABC News Now, October 11 - Ten minutes of the band in the studio recording "Eveningland" plus lots of commentary from Sally and Dan

Hem Craft Slovak Folk, Rolling Stone, October 5 - Eveningland insight from primary Hem songwriter Dan Messe [Article no longer available]

The SOS Chronicles, 6moons.com, May - A look at Mark Brotter's home stereo system

Hem goes for broke - literally - on 'Rabbit Songs', PittsburghLIVE, April 12 - Dan Messe talks about the labor of love that is Rabbit Songs

KEXP Session, Seattle, WA, April 4 - From New York, NY the group plays 3 songs at the Museum of Television and Radio and talks about Rabbit Songs

Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, Lexington, KY, March 24 - 4 live songs with some Q&A from Sally Ellyson and Catherine Popper about the band's name, New York, and Rabbit Songs

Hippity-Hop, GO Brooklyn, January 6 - Dan Messe and Sally Ellyson talk about creating Rabbit Songs and Hem itself

On Second Thought, WFPL, Louisville, KY, January 4 (re-air date March 22) - 3 live songs and a terrific detailed interview with Steve Curtis, Sally Ellyson, Gary Maurer, and Dan Messe about the development and making of Rabbit Songs [Broadcast no longer available]

KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic, Santa Monica, CA, August 28 - Dan Messe and Sally Ellyson discuss forming Hem, recording Rabbit Songs, and touring with Beth Orton, plus the band performs 9 songs

Hem masters classic country roots, melancholy lyrics on 'Rabbit Songs', Daily Bruin, Los Angeles, CA, August 26 - General musings from Dan Messe

KEXP Session, Seattle, WA, August 24 - The group plays 4 in-studio songs and talks about Rabbit Songs, how the band came together, and Dan's enthusiastic lip-syncing

Below the Surface, WYEP, Pittsburgh, PA, July 29 - The group plays 1 incredible in-studio song and talks about Rabbit Songs and the fate of Hem [Broadcast no longer available]

All Things Considered, NPR, July 10 - Sally Ellyson and Dan Messe discuss the formation of Hem and the creation of Rabbit Songs

All Songs Considered, NPR, July 1 - Rabbit Songs deconstruction by Dan Messe

HEM Interview, Crud Magazine, March 13 - Gary Maurer and Dan Messe talk a fair amount about the band's genesis and first album

Trash, Twang, and Thunder with Meredith Ochs, WFMU, July 18 - Seven band members are live in studio to play 6 songs and discuss the band's formation and direction

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