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Release Date: 2004; 2005

US CD: 5 October 2004; 11661 3240-2 Waveland/Rounder Records; Disc art; Inside art behind CD

UK CD: 14 February 2005; 8603422 EMI Liberty; Disc art; Art behind CD partially overwritten with copyright info

Promotional Items: Poster, 2x2ft. The white text reads: "'IN ONLY A FEW YEARS...[HEM] HAS DEFINED A SOUND - DREAMY AND DETAILED, INTIMATE AND HORIZON-EYED' -Washington Post 'HEM IS TRULY ONE OF AMERICA'S MOST ORIGINAL BANDS' -Bob Boilen; NPR". (The posters don't come with the signatures - this is just the only poster like this I've seen that's not covered with tape.)

"Redwing" video

Song Meanings


1. The Fire Thief
2. Lucky
3. Receiver
4. Redwing
5. My Father's Waltz
6. Hollow
7. A-Hunting We Will Go
8. An Easy One
9. Strays
10. Cincinnati Traveler
11. Jackson
12. Dance With Me, Now Darling
13. The Beautiful Sea
14. Eveningland
15. Pacific Street
16. Carry Me Home
Hidden track (US pressing only). Now The Day Is Over
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