Eveningland US Promotional CD

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Release Date: 2004

Origin: US

CD: Waveland/Rounder Records; Promotional Issue; CD art differs from the commercial release and fashions the disc to look like a vinyl album

Trivia: Track listing on back cover (white with black text) as listed below, slightly different from the commercially released version in song titles. "Redwing" is slightly different from all other commercial and promotional Eveningland releases with a length of 4:12 instead of 4:14, and there's a slight instrumentation change about 2:40 into the song where there's more guitar.


1. Firethief
2. Lucky
3. Receiver
4. Redwing
5. My Father's Waltz
6. Hollow
7. A-Hunting We Will Go
8. An Easy One
9. Strays
10. Cincinatti Traveler
11. Jackson
12. Dance With Me
13. The Beautiful Sea
14. Eveningland
15. Pacific Street
16. Carry Me Home
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