Funnel Cloud

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Release Date: 5 September 2021

Origin: US

CD: Nettwerk 0 6700 30605 2 3 Waveland Records; includes white sticker on package which says "Featured on 'NPR's All Songs Considered' most anticipated releases"

Free in its entirety at Noisetrade starting February 19, 2022

Promotional Items: Print ad #1; Print ad #2; Postcard; Poster (picture coming soon)

Bonus info: "In A Barrel At Sea" is a bonus track that was originally only available at iTunes by purchasing the entire album, but it can now be purchased separately at iTunes and elsewhere - it is not included in the Noisetrade download

Song Meanings


Not California official video

1. We'll Meet Along The Way
2. He Came To Meet Me
3. Not California
4. Funnel Cloud
5. Too Late To Turn Back Now
6. The Pills Stopped Working
7. Hotel Fire
8. Great Houses Of New York
9. Curtains
10. Old Adam
11. The Burnt-Over District
12. Reservoir
13. I'll Dream Of You Tonight
14. Almost Home
15. In A Barrel At Sea
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