Home Again, Home Again

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Release Date: 2007

Origin: US

Online release: 10 June 2007; Blue ship cover

Limited CD: 26 June 2007; Nettwerk 0 6700 36419 2 0 Waveland Records; Sailor tattoo cover (greyer tone); Card sleeve; Made in Canada but only available in the US at June-July 2007 shows

CD: 8 August 2007; Sailor tattoo cover (greener tone); Jewel case

Promotional Items: Interactive music player (no longer available online)

Trivia: This EP was originally going to be called Unlucky. The songs "Half Acre" and "The Part Where You Let Go" were used in television commercials for Liberty Mutual insurance.


1. The Part Where You Let Go
2. Half Asleep
3. While My Hand Was Letting Go
4. The Meeting Place
5. Home Again
6. Half Acre (same version as on the album Rabbit Songs)
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