91.3 FM KXCI Presents: Live From Studio 2A - Vol. VI

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Release Date: 2006

Origin: US

CD: Live studio performances at KXCI in Tucson, Arizona

Song Meaning


1. Brandi Carlile, What Can I Say
2. Los Lobos: Saint Behind the Glass
3. Calexico, Iron & Wine and Salvador Duran, He Lay In The Reins
4. Hem, Hollow (Live in studio February 4, 2005)
5. Melissa Ferrick, Beijing
6. Josh Ritter, Wings
7. Mosquitos, Sunshine Barato
8. Shivaree, I Close My Eyes
9. Laura Love, Hard Times
10. Mike Doughty, Busting Up A Starbucks
11. Ani DiFranco, Paradigm
12. Delaney, Il Ne Faut Pas D'Usage Se Servir Des Sauvages
13. Dolorean, To Destruction
14. Andrew Bird, Sovay
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