No Word From Tom Promotional CD

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Release Date: 2006

Origin: US

CD: Nettwerk America; Card sleeve

Trivia: An album of outtakes, covers, demos, live recordings, and rarities (2000-2005)

Song Meanings


1. All The Pretty Horses -- Cover (Traditional lullaby from Sally's a capella "audition" cassette)
2. Rainy Night In Georgia -- Cover (Brook Benton)
3. Radiation Vibe -- Cover (Fountains Of Wayne)
4. The Present -- Outtake (Unfinished during the Eveningland recording sessions)
5. Cincinnati Traveler -- Rarity (Eveningland's "Cincinnati Traveler" with lyrics)
6. Betting On Trains -- Live
7. South Central Rain -- Cover (REM)
8. The Tennessee Waltz -- Live; Cover (Traditional song)
9. Sailor -- Live
10. Eveningland -- Outtake (Longer version of the song on Eveningland)
11. Idle -- Live
12. Crazy Arms -- Cover
13. Oh No -- Outtake (From the Eveningland recording sessions)
14. All That I'm Good For -- Live
15. The City And The Traveler -- Rarity (Eveningland's "Cincinnati Traveler" with lyrics)
16. Lazy Eye -- Live (Radio sound check)
17. The Beautiful Sea -- Demo
18. The Golden Day Is Dying -- Cover (Traditional lullaby)
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