Rabbit Songs

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Release Dates: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Independent Non-Commercial CD: 2000; US; Jewel case; Entirely different art design; Track order different from commercial releases

Independent Commercial CD: 2000; US; WO162-2 Waveland Records; Digi-pak; Limited pressing of 1,000 copies or less used almost entirely for promotional purposes; Photos of the musicians under the CD (clearer than could be scanned through the plastic disc holder)

UK CD: 1 October 2001; SETCD094 Setanta; Jewel case; Collage images under the CD; Picture of Sally on the back; CD has a different rabbit image than at least the US Bar None Records release; Reissued with a bonus EP inside the package (the UK "I'm Talking With My Mouth" disc) and with a sticker on the outer packaging ("Newly reissued with Bonus EP of covers including Cash-Carter's "Jackson" - think Low...Joni Mitchell...Cowboy Junkies Irresistible!!!")

UK CD Re-release: February 2002; SETCD094 Setanta; Jewel case; No photo under CD; Audubon print on the back

US Bar None CD: 11 June 2002; BRN-CD-131 Bar None Records; Digi-pak; A blue sticker on the CD's outer packaging includes two review quotes, one from Irish Times and one from Time Out London; Photo of Sally under the CD; Different rabbit picture on disc than on UK release

US Dreamworks CD: 22 July 2003; B0000841-02 Dreamworks; Jewel case; Audubon print under CD; Collage on back of CD book; US disc art; Green sticker on the outer packaging includes quoted review excerpts from Entertainment Weekly, Rollingstone.com, Associated Press, and The Oregonian.

Taiwan CD: 2004; AG 094 Avant Garden Records; Digipak; Green Taiwanese sticker on outer packaging; Front cover art arranged differently from other releases; Picture of Sally on back; Disc like US version but without any writing; No lyrics insert booklet; First two pages of US & UK insert booklet are printed on digipak's inside cover and behind the CD

US Rounder CD: 24 May 2005; 11661-3248-2 Rounder; Jewel Case; Audubon print under CD and on back; Collage on back of CD book; US disc art

US 2002 Promotional Items: Postcard, 4x6in.; Poster, 11x14in.

Song Meanings


1. Lord, Blow the Moon Out Please
2. When I Was Drinking
3. Half Acre
4. Burying Song
5. Betting On Trains
6. Leave Me Here
7. All That I'm Good For
8. Idle (The Rabbit Song)
9. Stupid Mouth Shut
10. Lazy Eye
11. Sailor
12. Polly's Dress
13. Night Like A River
14. The Cuckoo
15. Waltz
16. Horsey
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