Twelfth Night

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Limited CD Release: August 2009, only available for purchase (with limited packaging) at the Delacorte Theater in New York's Central Park

Regular CD and Digital Release Date: October 27, 2009

About this album: Original music written and recorded by Hem for the Public Theater's production of Twelfth Night June 10 - July 12, 2009 for the annual Shakespeare in the Park in New York's Central Park, plus a number of bonus instrumental and sung tracks (original cast) not included in the final production.

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Album tracks:
1. Illyrian Aire (Illyrian Marching Band)
2. Black Thorn Stick (Illyrian Marching Band)
3. One Self King (Hem / Gowanus Radio Orchestra)
4. The Funeral (Illyrian Marching Band)
5. Rose In The Heather (Illyrian Marching Band)
6. Take, O Take Those Lips Away (Illyrian Marching Band / Anne Hathaway)
7. Take, O Take Those Lips Away (instrumental) (Hem)
8. Not Too Fast! Soft, Soft! (Hem / Gowanus Radio Orchestra)
9. Full Fathom Five (Hem / Audra McDonald / Anne Hathaway)
10. Sebastian And Antonio (Hem / Gowanus Radio Orchestra)
11. The Kerry Polka (Illyrian Marching Band)
12. O Mistress Mine (Illyrian Marching Band)
13. Come Away Death (instrumental) (Illyrian Marching Band)
14. Come Away Death (Illyrian Marching Band / David Pittu / Raul Esparza / Anne Hathaway)
15. The Clock Upbraids Me (Hem / Gowanus Radio Orchestra)
16. The Little Villian (Hem / Gowanus Radio Orchestra)
17. To The Gates Of Tartar (Hem / Gowanus Radio Orchestra)
18. Illyrian Aire (orchestral) (Hem / Gowanus Radio Orchestra)
19. Where Is Fancy Bred? (Hem / Gowanus Radio Orchestra / Raul Esparza)
20. Enter Sebastian (Hem / Gowanus Radio Orchestra)
21. This Is The Air (Hem)
22. The Bonnie Bunny (Illyrian Marching Band)
23. Hey Robin, Jolly Robin (Illyrian Marching Band / David Pittu)
24. I Am Gone, Sir (Illyrian Marching Band / David Pittu)
25. The Bonnie Bunny (orchestral) (Gowanus Radio Orchestra)
26. Tempests Are Kind (Hem / Gowanus Radio Orchestra)
27. The Wind And The Rain (Illyrian Marching Band)
28. The Wind And The Rain (reel) (Gowanus Radio Orchestra / Illyrian Marching Band)

Q&A Session: An August 2009 Question & Answer Session with Dan Messe and Steve Curtis extensively discusses the making of this album as well as Hem's subsequent all-originals album, Departure and Farewell.

Band of the Bard, New York Post, July 2, 2009 - Steve talks about being in the Shakespeare in the Park production of "Twelfth Night," and he and Dan discuss Hem's music that was written for the show

Music From Twelfth Night, August 24, 2009 - Dan talks about the making of the album.

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