Taylor 25: A Nostalgic Perspective

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Release Date: 2004?

Origin: US

CD: Two disc CD set from WUAG in Greensboro, NC. Disc 1 ("") includes tracks from national acts and disc 2 includes tracks from local artists.

Song Meaning


Disc 1 Tracklist:
1. Emperor X “River as Algae”
2. Oakley Hall “Volume Rambler”
3. Jolie Holland “You’re Not Satisfied”
4. Langhorne Slim “Faces All Blast Off”
5. Swearing At Motorists “24, 40, or 65”
6. Redneck Manifesto “I am Brazil”
7. Ohmega Watts “Where it all Started”
8. Man Man “Zebra”
9. Nicolay “Give Her Everything”
10. Hem “Fire Thief”
11. Talkdemonic “Secret Summer”
12. Richard Buckner “Before”
13. Tara Jane O’neil “Blue Light Room”
14. David Bazan “Cool Beer and Cigarettes (The Devil is Beating His Wife)”
15. The Drift “Gardening not Architecture”
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