Official Hem Sites
Official Site
Facebook - Random updates, including pictures, video, and music
Twitter - Tweet with the band
YouTube - Hem's YouTube channel
Instagram - Pictures from the band
MySpace - Blog, songs, pictures, and more
Soundcloud - Band podcasts
Hem's Page at Nettwerk - Hem's management company
imeem and Bebo - Social networking
Band Member Pages
Dan Messť - Twitter for Hem's main songwriter
Bob Hoffnar - Hem's pedal steel player
Dawn Landes - Hem's harmony vocalist
Greg Pliska - Arranger of Hem's songs
Little Silver - Project with Hem's Steve Curtis
Other Hem Resources
@All_About_Hem - News updates and fun facts at All About Hem's Twitter
Soundcloud - Exclusive music at Soundcloud from All About Hem
YouTube - All About Hem's YouTube channel
Rabbit Chords - Guitar tabs for most Hem songs
Taping and Trading Live Music
Tradingland - Geoff's list of live Hem shows, often including taping details
All About Hem Trading List - My list of currently circulated live Hem shows
Hem at - Download complete live shows
Guide to B&Ps
Website Resources
Geof - Site hoster extraordinaire
The JavaScript Source
Website Goodies - Free website tools

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